A ways inland from Binnacle and the guild’s stronghold, Jetsam is a larger, more-traditional Ysgardian town located on the Three-Sisters Earthberg.

The town is a mix of new buildings, old ruins, a sizable marketplace, and surrounding farmlands. The center of the town is a swath of ruined buildings, barricades, and trenches, all serving as fighting grounds for bloodthirsty combatants. The fighting grounds are called “The Sword,” as the town streets roughly make a sword shape. Anyone in The Sword is considered to be battle-ready and fair-game for fighting, so casual travelers should beware.

The town is also home to a large temple to Odin, as well as an outdoor ring of standing stones dedicated to Loki. Loki’s worshipers mainly consist of the local thieves’ guild, which seems well-connected throughout the town.

Strangely, the town populace is also largely interested in hats and headgear. From the poorest ruffian to the wealthiest noble, the vast majority of townsfolk sport head attire of some sort. As such, the town is also home to a large number of hat and helmet makers, and almost all manner of magical headgear can be purchased.


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