This is Ysgard, a place of heroic deeds and great epics.  This is a place where anyone can make a name for themselves and revel in the glory of their accomplishments.

Ysgard is an amazing place; injuries and wounds heal automatically and quickly.  And anyone slain in battle rises fully healed the next morning at dawn.  As a result, the people that live here feel nigh-invincible, charging into fights (and pretty much everything else) with no hesitation.  

Want to be a fearless berserker with no fear of dying?  Perhaps a witty bard, revisiting the day's glorious battles with rousing songs and strong ale?  Or maybe a priest of the Norse gods, who revel in the glory of combat even more than the morals?

But what fuels the power of this land?  Is it the souls of the victorious dead from other worlds?  Or something more mystical?  Is this truly the land of eternal glory?

Ysgard is a very unique place; in fact, it is an infinitely large place.  As such, it can be experienced on a micro scale or a macro scale, as a local or as a knowledgeable traveler.  Players are encouraged to learn about this world and its environs.  Below is a link to the first section of the campaign primer.  There are three sections of the primer; each section presents an increasing level of knowledge about the world: Local, Regional, Global.  Where you stop reading determines your character's in-game knowledge, and also gives you a permanent in-game bonus.  

Because of the nature of the game, if you continue on to the next section of the primer,  you cannot take the bonuses from the prior section; once the choice is made, you cannot go back.  Therefore, only the first section of the primer is available here.  The others are available in-person, should you wish to keep reading.

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